Beth’s Arkansas Product List

>I’ve been threatening for ages to launch an Arkansas Products list, because a) I love buying and giving local and b) there is simply no good existing list for those who want to support our home state.

I offer this with one major disclaimer: it will obviously be impossible to list every fabulous Arkansas product.  So, keep the comments coming regarding missing businesses!  This will be a work-in-progress.

I challenged myself one year to give Arkansas-made products as Christmas gifts.  It was easier than it sounds between art and pottery for my mom and sister from Poor Richard’s Art (, Aromatique candles, slingshots and Daisy/Red Ryder airguns for my dad and husband and so on – in fact, I successfully shopped mostly in historic downtown Rogers with that endeavor!  Don’t forget things that are not necessarily Arkansas-made, but definitely locally inspired – see the list below.  There is easy rollover into the food category, too – see #6 in a previous post ( and more ramblings to comeupdate: my food enthusiasm finally evolved about six months after that post into a new blog: The Food Adventuress!

Consider putting together an Arkansas Products gift basket (even the basket can be Arkansas-made!) with a copy of A Painted House, some food products, Aromatique Candles, a bottle of wine and more.  It’s unique and memorable.  I even have included a cutting board shaped like the state of Arkansas from Babe’s Boards in Rogers.  Howard and Marilyn Pennington don’t have a website, but shoot me a note at (bethanystephens {at} gmail {dot} com) and I’ll share their phone number (rather than blast it on the internet).

Without further ado, The List:

Arkansas Products
Abbey Brittle & Monk Sauce (
A.G. Russell Knives (
Ally’s Jelly (
Andrew’s Candy Company (
Arkansas Rice Depot (
Aromatique Candles (
Bear Kingdom Vineyard (
Brent and Sam’s Cookies (
Cavender’s Greek Seasoning (
Cocoa Belle Chocolates  (
Daisy and Red Ryder Airguns (
Doeling Dairy (
Fischer Honey Company (
First Nature Bird & Hummingbird Feeders (
Gibson Baskets (
House of Webster jams, jellies, salsas & more (
J and M Cheese Straws (
Juanita’s Candy Kitchen (
Klappenbach Baker (
Liz and Linda’s Pepper Jelly (
Martin Greer’s Candies (
McClard’s BBQ Sauce (
Mountain Valley Water (
Patticakes Fudge (
Peace Bee Farms (
Petit Jean Meats (
Ranger Bass Boats (
Riceland Rice (
Suzanne’s Fruit Farm (
Two Brothers Canoe (
Two Dumb Dames Fudge (
War Eagle Mill (

Arkansas Wine and Beer
Boscos Brewing Company (
Chateau Aux Arc Winery (
Cowie Wine Cellars (
Diamond Bear Brewing Company (
Hog Haus Brewing Company (
Keels Creek Winery (
Mount Bethel Winery (
Post Familie Winery (
Vino’s Brew Pub (
Wiederkehr Wine Cellars (
Also: The Home Brewery for beer and wine making supplies (

All Things Arkansas Artisan
Arkansas Delta Made (
Poor Richard’s Art (
Gifts of Arkansas (
Arkansas Artists Registry (

Another great option: Heifer International has its world headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Visit their site to “give” a hive of bees, a flock, livestock, training and more to families in need.  It’s a selfless gift that doesn’t pile on the material things, AND an Arkansas-based charity!.  Visit
This is just a start – I’ll follow up with a post on Arkansas books, authors, movies, directors, actors, shops & chains and more.  I’ll also be adding to this list periodically.  Post your comments and suggestions, and thanks for your interest and love of Arkansas!

16 thoughts on “Beth’s Arkansas Product List

    • Hey Karen! I’ll actually be publishing an updated list on or around November 1 to tie into a magazine article on shopping Arkansas for the holidays, so stay tuned! :) There are LOTS of new additions in the two years since this was posted.

      Hope you’re well!

  1. I’m traveling out of state this summer and want to take Arkansas made gifts to my hostess. This list will help greatly. Thanks for posting!

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  3. Beth. I was told by an Arkansas store that u like our pickle Le Pikl which I sooo appreciate ! Would love to introduce u to my other dangerously delicious goodies. Let me know if I can send a package. Any chance of greeting on ur favorite Ark product list ?? I do hope to hear from you. Thx for the good word. Terry

    • How cool, Terry! I must have missed this earlier this year, but I’m intrigued by what you’re doing! I’m actually not familiar with your product – you certainly don’t have to send a package, but point me to where I can find them. Can’t wait to sample! Thanks for stopping by!

    • I overlooked this, Anna – but totally agree! Your Dad’s (I’m guessing here) coffee is phenomenal and I’ve been a big fan for years. Happy to see him thriving!

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