Let The Children Play!

Let The Children Play is a truly fantastic Australian blog written by Jenny about her experiences with her “progressive preschool nestled in the Australian bush.”  She’s an advocate of unstructured outdoor play (i.e. send kids outside without things to entertain them – a lovely thought!) and I’ve been keeping up with her excellent posts on her blog, on Facebook, on Twitter and her particularly great posts on Pinterest for a couple of years.

I’m a pretty enthusiastic fan of most advocates of outdoor play and nature time, including my friend Ken Finch’s efforts through the Green Hearts Institute for Nature in Childhood.  Ken’s website is a great resource and features a free booklet called A Parent’s Guide to Nature Play.  In fact, when Ken was in our neck of the woods last fall, he wrote a great article in his Autumn 2011 newsletter about our oldest daughter, Sophie, and her personal relationships with several trees.

All this to say – I was really surprised that I had somehow overlooked that back in April, the Little Magpie was featured on the 40 Fab Blogs About Play, Learning, Parenting and Life!

How fun is that?  Whether you’re a parent or an educator (or just care), be sure to check out these great websites (Let The Children Play, the Green Hearts Institute for Nature in Childhood and The Play Files… links below.   All are chock full of ideas, resources and creative parenting tools.

Thanks for the love!


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