Clean Sweep, Clean Day

After my diatribe, I’ve got a great giveaway of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products!

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There was a great letter in today’s paper from Tx Trumbo in Fayetteville that had one of the more positive spins I’ve seen on the editorial page.

So many people say they don’t read the paper because they “don’t want to read about all the bad stuff” or they don’t have time.  I confess, I’ve tried those arguments as well.  For the longest time, I tried to read the paper online, thinking I was truly keeping up.  As much of an electronic and paperless advocate as I am, I think that newspapers may be one of the few things that I prefer in the original, albeit more wasteful, format.  A few of the electronic formats are now in the same layout as you’d find the regular paper, and I’m loving that.  However, I digress.

The letter in the editorial section spoke of the unique gifts we all have, as well as our weaknesses.  “Awesome and imperfect” were the descriptive words.  The author spoke of his mother standing on the front porch during get-togethers and cheering “Yay, Susan!” as the attendee arrived.  “Life’s cheerleader,” it read.

What a fantastic concept.  I’m often accused of being the eternal optimist, and I’ve spoken with other bloggers about their struggle to keep their stories realistic but still positive.  My family jokes that every job I’ve ever had was “the best job ever,” and it is widely known that I can’t wait to tell others about a great restaurant or an off-the-beaten-path place they ought to try.  This comes from no desire to be the perceived expert, I’m just genuinely excited for someone to try a new place they might love.  It’s an affliction.

At the end of a long-day, we present our work-torn souls to those who presumably love us unconditionally… to those we say we love most, we offer our harshest judgment and our quickest tempers.  (If not now, when?)

My husband told me yesterday that he went into a gas station where an older woman was at work near our regional airport.  He mused that there must be a lot of harried and brisk travelers coming through every day, and he mentioned how she visibly livened up when he took the time to look her in the eye and earnestly ask about her day.  Politeness and kindness… they shouldn’t be novel concepts in our everyday lives.  We may wake up cranky, but what if we channeled an attitude of a clean day, every day?

With all that said, I’m delighted to have a giveaway of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products.  I think this brand embodies that same positive outlook.  Some more key words for you that are used in describing this line of home care goodies: aromatherapeutic (love that), uncomplicated, cruelty-free, biodegradable, plant-derived.  I like all of those things.  I also like making my own, very basic cleaning supplies, but I don’t always have time.

Look at the cute new Mrs. Meyer’s reusable glass handsoap bottle! I’ll need three of these to replace the grubby plastic containers at our house.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products are made intelligently, responsibly and, whenever possible, with materials obtained from renewable plant resources.  Stuff you won’t find: chlorine bleach, ammonia, petroleum distillates, parabens, phosphates or phthalates.  The goal for each of Mrs. Meyer’s products (owned by The Caldrea Company): cleans like the dickens, smells like a garden.  Scents include lemon verbena, rhubarb, apple, lavender, geranium, baby blossom, honeysuckle and others.  (Honeysuckle has been my favorite despite my fondness for all things lavender).

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Honeysuckle Kitchen Basics Set

So, here’s the deal: just make sure you’re subscribed to this blog, and leave a comment telling me how you’ve made a clean sweep or started a clean day.  Did you do something nice?  Do you make it a habit to pay it forward?  When you find yourself prone to road rage or ranting about the shortcomings of others, do you turn it around?

I’ve got a package of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day goodies valued at up to $35 for the winner, to be randomly chosen on July 26:

  • Countertop Spray (Basil) – 16 oz.
  • Liquid Dish Soap (Honeysuckle) – 16 oz.
  • Liquid Hand Soap (Lemon Verbena) – 12.5 oz.
  • Four $1 off coupons for any Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day product
  • Three $6 coupons for a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day product

The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day giveaway package!

Your home will radiate with yummy smells and natural goodness, and you’ll probably radiate with all that kindness and Pollyanna-ish optimism as well.  Everybody wins!  And… even if you don’t win the giveaway, you can get great coupons (such as $1 off all-purpose soap bars) on the Mrs. Meyer’s website!  They are doing all kinds of neat things, like a community garden party and some very cool, smart and good-for-all initiatives and partnerships!

I did not receive any compensation, free product or incentives for this post.  I’m just genuinely fond of their products.  All the logos and products featured on this page (except the photo of the giveaway items) are from the Mrs. Meyers Phanfare page, full of high-res photos and logos.  It’s genius, and it would be great if more companies were as PR-friendly and took their lead!  Giveaway items were provided by Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.  Enjoy!

Enter below or on The Little Magpie Facebook page!  Good luck!

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9 thoughts on “Clean Sweep, Clean Day

  1. I started my day by doing crossfit and swimming – you know cleaning up my body! I also cleaned my toilet this morning. I’m feeling pretty good because I had that all done by 8 am this morning and I’m on summer break! Thanks for the chance to win!

    • Love it, Jules! Today kicked off some clean sweep fitness changes for me too! Anyone who cleans the toilet before 8a impresses me. Good luck!! :)

  2. Well, I actually bought the Lemon Verbena today (thought I’d try it out). I made my husband (Craig) literally put his nose to our countertop to smell it. As far as clean sweeping, does doing something nice for yourself count? I had a new babysitter come in today for a couple of hours to get my son comfortable with her. I spent two hours at Michael’s and Target BY MYSELF and I blared songs that were not “Wheels on the Bus” or anything Elmo in my car. And, my house is extremely clean because my in-laws are coming to visit for a week starting tomorrow. :)

    • Vicki!!!! How are you?! Love this. Glad to see a snippet of your life an. Super glad you’re taking care of yourself in the midst of a hostile baby takeover. They are lovely but territorial beasts, aren’t they?! Hope you and Craig are well – all my best!

  3. We started the day off by making cookies for the neighbor. Well, really we kind of had to since they had brought us cookies and while I was living in the south I learned to never return a container/tray empty. Anyhow. I’ve recently fallen in love with the Lemon Verbena multipurpose cleaner. The affair started with the baseboards and has flourished on windows, mirrors, and countertops. :)

    • Love it, Fawn! Glad you picked up some good southern tips. Wait – are you a midwesterner now?! :)

      Looking forward to seeing you in a few short weeks! (Won’t make it to WordCamp – going to pick Soph up at camp!!)

  4. My days always start off by cleaning up someone’s mess at work: fixing cash problems, auditing files, and being The Maxx’s Girl Friday! Love my job, though, and wouldn’t want it any other way!

  5. so you KNOW I love these products already- (I won the Mrs. Meyers basket at AWBU last year!) and I’m getting low on supplies! This stuff smells amazing! :) I’ve started to work full time and sometimes just the smell of something amazing can be a huge pick-me-up either in the morning or in the evening. I’d also love the honeysuckle scent to start my cleaning off with! :))

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