The Women’s Foundation of Arkansas

I’m not gonna lie – I’m proud (and honored) to be publishing the blog posts for the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas for a spell.  What an incredible organization!

I am very fortunate to have gotten to know the WFA executive director, Lynnette Watts, fairly well over the last couple of months.  She is a truly impressive wife, mother, leader and Arkansan – I’m already inspired to be better just by knowing her!  She has a fantastic level of enthusiasm tempered by intelligence, focus, wit and common sense – she’s a rare and impressive woman leading generations of women to come in Arkansas.

This focused philanthropic organization is worthy of your support, and I think you’ll see much more of them in the months and years to come.  In fact, I am also proud to have a feature article on the WFA coming up in the September issue of 2Njoy magazine!

Thanks to those who inspire and motivate me – several of you (you small few, you band of warriors) have influenced the posts that will be published by the Women’s Foundation in the coming weeks (I’ll republish them here).  I appreciate each of you more than you will ever know.

Much love,


Excerpt from The Women’s Foundation of Arkansas Blog:

Support Women. Strengthen Arkansas.

On Leadership: Lynnette’s Story

by Lynnette Watts on 08/10/12Lynnette Watts at Power of the Purse 2011

Throughout high school, I was there, but I didn’t lead.  I never wanted to be a club president, I was content to follow.

As a young newlywed, we moved into some Army experimental housing, where my husband was one of a handful of officers.  We lived around other young couples, many of whom were enlisted men placed at the lowest pay grade.  The women would gather in the mornings to walk, and there was always grumbling about the lack of services.  We had no assistance to work with the local schools, no access to stores, medical care or childcare.  Everything was a challenge, and there were absolutely no resources to assist the families.

One morning as the women commiserated, I asked “Why don’t you all do something about it?”  The response stuck with me from then on: (continued at the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas blog…)

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