Merry Christmas, Mamasita: Country Outfitter $150 Boot Giveaway!

Like every other little girl on the planet, at about the age of nine I became smitten with horses. Well, let’s not waste our time… ponies. I still have all the books my parents bought me during that phase, and my now nine year old is devouring them too…

At the time, we were living in Jamaica (I know) – but each summer my parents would make a big pilgrimage back to the U.S. to see family and stock up on American goods. This usually meant me spending a portion of the summer hopping between the homes of aunts and grandparents and a portion at Keystone Camp for Girls in Brevard, North Carolina – it’s a camp straight out of The Parent Trap (the 1961 version, please). I mean, look at this place:

We did all sorts of nifty camp things like crafts and swimming and badges and hikes and riflery, but it all basically paled in comparison to horseback riding. I was BESIDE MYSELF before camp when my mom took me to a little boot dealer in Mena, Arkansas before camp to get (OMG!!!) my first pair of boots. Obviously, I chose red – and I wore them into the ground. So, it’s been with some delight that I’ve watched both my girls strut their stuff in their own red boots (recycled).

The (belabored) point: boots make you feel pretty cool. I own some great boots, but my boot-wearing skills went to a whole new level this fall when I began sporting my new Dingo Muse Slouch boots from Country Outfitter. Honestly, when I’m wearing them, it is entirely possible a dingo might eat my baby without me noticing. (Sorry, couldn’t help it…) They are pretty amazing. Oh, you want to see them?

And here they are in action at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged conference sponsored by Country Outfitter:

Photo unabashedly stolen from the adorable Jacklyn at Oh By Golly. Note to self: do not sneak around and mess with her camera, it will bite you in the behind…

The (snicker) bottom line? Country Outfitter rocks. I literally gasped out loud when I hit their website to begin shopping for boots. The selection will… well, knock your socks off. I currently covet these two pair:


Oh, you’re jealous? Well, be green no more… just as we enter the month of December (when we should really think of others before ourselves), I hereby give you carte blanche to do something selfish: enter to win a $150 shopping spree at for your own new pair of boots! Merry Christmas to mama. Simply:

  1. Subscribe to The Little Magpie. I won’t be offended if you give a girl a follow on Twitter (@BethanyStephens) and like The Little Magpie on Facebook, as well. We all have needs.
  2. Visit this link to submit your email address to Country Outfitter – you will receive (very) occasional emails that are So. Worth. It.
  3. Leave a comment to let me know you’ve entered, and tell me which boots you’re coveting! A random winner will be selected after the giveaway closes at noon on Friday, December 21. The more the merrier – spread the word! Don’t be shy – friends and family are more than welcome to enter this fab giveaway – local or not!

Disclosure: Country Outfitter, a completely fabulous retailer of Dingo boots, gave me these Dingo Muse Slouch Boots to review, and so I review them and get giddy every single time I look down and find myself wearing them. You should get some.

Disclaimer: Photos unabashedly stolen from Jacklyn at Oh By Golly and Sarabeth at The Dramatic. Their blogs totally rock – you should read and follow them.

Good luck!

113 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Mamasita: Country Outfitter $150 Boot Giveaway!

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    • Yippee!! Hey – we should chat. I’ve got another fantastic giveaway to do and would love to partner with AO. I know we discussed before, and this seems like a good time. Drop me a line chickadee!

  2. I entered…I followed..I “liked”!

    I think I have entered every contest for these boots..I found AWB right before the conference and I kick myself for not finding it sooner so I could go! I love being apart of the AWB now! Anyway..fingers crossed..I hope I win..I wanna be a part of the cool crowd!!

    • Hi Nikki! We wish we had adopted you sooner, too!

      You’re all set – there is just a delay for comments to appear following moderation. You know, to fend off those blasted spammers.

      Good luck to you!!

  3. I love The Parent Trap! Seriously one of my favorite movies growing up. I adore the kitchen scene at the end. I need to watch that again. It’s been a while.

    Looking on their site . . . . um . . . too. hard. to. choose. just. one! One moment I want the Dingo Reading Boot, but then the next moment I want the Muse boot, and then the Durango, and then the . . . see what I mean?! Too hard!

      • That’s amazing. I have loved keeping up with your transformative year via Twitter and FB. Apparently, though, I need to resubscribe to your blog because the site looks new and it has apparently fallen off my reader! Yay!

      • PS can I just say your profile pic is GORG? I think you need to use your free time to totally make over, um, me. You’re on it, right?

  4. My (HOLY COW) dream boot is the old gringo- brass/ aqua! But I also love the Corral Natural Westport and the Ariat Heritage Western X Toe Boot! I have been seeing Country Outfitters all over facebook but did not realize they were in Fayetteville!

    • So glad you entered! I know, their boots are Out. Of. Control.

      You need to come visit and check out the other fun things in NWA! We’d love to have you! Hoping we’ll make it to south AR in a couple of weeks if you happen to be around. :)

  5. Hi! I think of any country gal as my friend!! and Beth is my sister’s name, I love that name. I’m now subscribed to “The Little Magpie,” and I’m following you on Twitter! It was fun (but soooo hard) to say which boot I want. So far, Women’s Sunset Rage Boot is tugging at my sleeve!!!! I have to walk all over the place, and these boots are made for walkin!!!!!

    • Love it!!! What a fun note. I love how the blogosphere makes everyone best friends. Yup, those Rage boots are SO made for walkin’! Country Outfitter has such an array of shockingly comfortable boots. Mine look super uncomfortable (in their cuteness), but I can wear them for ages.

      Good luck!!!

    • Oh! What a great boot name!

      I think boot shopping is becoming like nail polish selection, where I choose things like Devil’s Advocate, or wine shopping, where I feel compelled to buy cute labels. Fortunately, I can usually remain strong and remember that black nail polish and chardonnay are not my bag, no matter how cute the name/label.

      ANYhoo, Whiskey Marble boots sound super fun! And again, more rockstar and rockabilly than rodeo.

      Good luck!

    • Moi aussi. Love some Frye.

      I’m still convinced we are soul sisters in opposite world. Loved our lunch.

      You ladies go check out Kara’s fab blog, Unusual Form. Don’t you want to see her guest post here on Little Magpie? Me too!!

    • Thanks for entering, Chrissy! Me too – they are all perfect and they all want to live with me.

      My sister has a shoe closet – I wonder if a boot closet would be out of control?

  6. Thanks for the book reminders. It is stil hard to separate girls from their horses. I can’t pick just one pair of boots, but I could use a red pair myself. So, I am registered and hoping!

    • Isn’t it? I’m having fun and getting so excited for you guys! Thank goodness it’s a random drawing. I sit here and cheer for each one of you to win!!

  7. I’m in! And here’s my sad little secret: I have never, not ever, owned a pair of cowboy boots. I have lived a deprived life, and it must be rectified. Immediately. Preferably with the Dahlia Boots – Dainty Brown/Cognac Floral. :-)

    • This is disastrous. You clearly need a pair of boots. Can you even STAND the adorableness of the CO site?

      PS welcome back to life, My Heart’s In Dixie! :)

    • Wait, I’m confused. Is this Sherry masquerading as Michelle?

      If so, stop that.

      If not, oh, hello! Nice to meet you. My cousin claims to have entered but I’m wondering if she used a pseudonym. Help!

  8. Well of course I ALREADY subscribe to your blog but I’m definitely entering the contest. And I hope nepotism pays off :) I remember my first pair of brown ropers, which I also wore into the ground. I also remember being jealous of your keystone camp experience, cousin! Great blog. Here’s hoping I can purchase my next pair of ropers from Country Outfitter!

    • Yay! Thanks, cousin!!

      Ah, ropers – a whole new world! I’ve seen ’em but never sported ’em. You probably do need a new pair to wear into the ground. Or just wear when you walk across the ground.

      Thanks so much for reading and for all your support. You know I love keeping up with you too!

      Good luck!

    • Yay! Thank you!

      I’m so happy this blog thread is providing a safe space for us to all publicly state the things we covet without feeling guilty.

      Covet away!

    • Yes, I can attest to that. I was initially overwhelmed when I got them, but now I like to think that when I wear them it’s a little more rockabilly and a little less rodeo. At least, that’s what I tell myself.

      And it may just be the cute stars on them, but I feel very rockstar when I rock them. :)

  9. I just entered! I’m also coveting the knee boots picture above & the Women’s Old Town Campus 14L Boot – Dark Brown!

    • So glad you entered, Tina!

      I told Stephanie (at Country Outfitter) how you asked me if I’d heard of CO just that morning when I was sporting my boots and on my way to a meeting with her. Welcome aboard the Country Outfitter ship. It’s a pretty, pretty place. Good luck!

  10. I’ve entered the contest. I’m fond of Women’s Quincy Bootie – Dark Brown, because I like walking on the street and through the woods in shoes more like moccasins. I find that moccasin-type shoe is better for navigating rocks, logs, hills, and just plain ol’ cement than sneakers, hiking boots, etc. I really need walking shoes, my current ones are held together with staples.

    • I hear that, Rose! I LOVE moccasins, too. My sister introduced me to Minnetonkas and they are amazing. However, I wear those inside and have pretty much converted to an all boots, all the time approach to winter! Good luck!

  11. I’m entered. I really need some Muck Boots. Love the Frye Women’s Pressed Jackie Button Boot – Black or Brown or the Frye Miranda. There are countless cowgirl boots I’d be so proud to call my own.

    • Yay! So glad you entered! Thanks for visiting. I firmly believe that multiple pairs of Frye boots belong in my life. Glad we are on the same page on that. Hope you’re well – have kept up with you just a bit from afar. Thanks for entering – good luck!

  12. ok so i really shouldn’t get all hot and bothered looking at boots but i totally do!!! i’m addicted. I love the durango slouch boots. i entered thanks for the opportunity

    • Um, yeah you should! So glad you entered!

      I should confess I’ve stalked you for some time. Paul Wilson is my good friend, and he shared some of your awesome work (ice sailing? have forgotten title) in the past and I’ve kept up with you. HATED missing the Little Craft Show. Basically planned on it for months and then a family holiday thing came up out of town. Pout.

      Also, I just bought my nine year old your adorable owl pillow from Terra Tots for her birthday! She loves it. She named him Al. As in, you can call me Al. I think it’s hysterical.

      Ok, that concludes my reverse stalking of you. Let’s be pals. Thanks for visiting and entering – good luck!

  13. done! totally enamored with Southern Cross Boots – Black/Antique Tan and Tan Saigets Worn Goat H Toe Boot! but then there’s Black Winged Cross Purple Inlay Boot…too many to choose!

    • I KNEW this would be right up your alley!! Good luck!

      Oh, and I’m hatching an idea to get all the girls back together for a reunion tour. Some people would probably read this and think I’m talking about a ladies’ night out, but you know I’m actually talking about a crafty night with kids. :)

  14. I have entered and officially stalked you in every way possible on the internet. My next step is winning this giveaway and then rocking the Murrietta boots (of course we loved the same ones) in my new hometown of Rogers, AR.

    • Thank GOODNESS! I literally was thinking to myself this morning: “How do I ensure Michaela knows about this?”

      No, really – I was.

      And yes – I can’t wait until you live in Arkansas. HURRY. UP.

      Sophie wants you to come for a play date soon.

      • Well consider your goal accomplished! I’ve been meaning to enter actually, so I’m glad you spammed me with the reminder.

        Tell Sophie I’ve been working on my dance moves.

  15. Great boots Beth! Fitting for a long legged gal like you. As for me, I’ve had my eye on a pair of Justin shorties at Country Outfitter for awhile now. More appropriate for this Okie cowgirl.

    • Haha – good luck!!! My friend has some of those and she always says they are perfect for her calves, I hear they fit well!! Good to see you all twice this week!

  16. Ok, I entered! Thanks for the reminder!! :) I can’t pick just one pair!! I love most of the Corral boots…like the floral black/white stitch…and the antique cognac…OR the dark brown/light brown truffle overlay!! Golly…!!! Let’s get coffee soon!! :)

    • Ha – should have known!

      By the way, in the post before the boots giveaway I mentioned how touched I was by the gift you brought last week, but I didn’t tell you personally! I think it is one of the single best gifts I’ve ever received.

      Let’s catch up with the girls over the holiday break! Good luck!

  17. So excited about your giveaway, Beth! Okay…I am subscribed, I already follow your page on FB {sorry, I don’t tweet..just can’t break down and sign up:)} and I submitted my email. Whew. Oh, right. I don’t know which boots I will choose!! I need time to decide on that one! :)

  18. I have entered to win the Country Outfitter boots, and I am coveting any pair that will fit my big ol’ feet! More than the chance to win a fab pair of boots, I love visiting your blog to read your writing. I so appreciate how you aspire to and inspire me to live well. Much love, Beth!

  19. I entered and I see quite a few that I would like. Don’t want to get my hopes up too much, though, and commit to one yet. I keep entering these and no luck yet, but surely I will win one of them! Then I would painstakingly review as they would be the FIRST cowboy boots ever and it would be a HUGE and monumental decision!

  20. I entered! I enter Country Outfitters sweepstakes religiously thanks to you… I’m determined to win me a pair lol! I am a Arkansasan after all :) Best get me some cowgirl boots to prove it!
    I am lusting after the Corral distressed black lizard inlay boots!!!! Gorgeous!

    • No trick, but if you don’t already use wordpress or a reader, it might be easier to just subscribe via email – that way it comes straight to your inbox!

      Thanks – glad you entered! Good luck!!

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