{TWELVE} Days of Christmas ~ Blog Crushes

Inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas, I’ve apparently felt the need to share some Twelvers (my concocted word for lists of twelve) to share with you this month. As if The Little Magpie weren’t already random enough…

Oh! Quickly, though: let me tell you that Megan Dingwall was the winner of the Country Outfitter giveaway! Huge congrats, Megan! For some inspiration, check out Jacklyn rocking her CO boots below. Your gift card will be in the mail in the next few days. Merry Christmas to YOU!

Here are the blogs I’m currently loving, in addition to the usual suspects already listed on the right under “Favorite Sites…” Those who are members of Arkansas Women Bloggers (i.e. local gals!) have the notation AWB! which will take you to the blogger directory! Enjoy, and share some of your best interweb finds in the comments…

That’s Jacklyn. Isn’t she fun?

1. Oh By Golly Jacklyn’s adorable blog, great photography, fun style and array of fresh ideas have me riveted. She has truly unique personal style, mad sewing skills and an uncanny ability to photograph herself (and others) exceptionally well. I can assure you, if I locked myself in the bathroom and painted polka dots on my tights while wearing them, the end result would look nothing like the above photo. AWB!

2. Small Notebook Rachel Meeks is a blogger I found several years ago who writes beautifully and concisely about simplifying, home and self care and that time she packed up her family and moved to Italy. I consider SN my personal life guidebook and get wonderful tips from it. More on the way she singlehandedly has made me consider my personal style coming in January.

3. Simple Mom (and the other Simple Living Media sites) – my all time favorite and, in my opinion, the single best group of parenting and lifestyle blogs. Tsh also has a couple of great books (one’s an ebook) that are worth your time – pretty, practical and enlightening.

4. Unusual Form A self-described vintage-loving, color and print wearing girl in a profession of steel and glass loving, all black wearing people. She is as charming in person as she seems on her blog – and in fact, we’re chatting about some bloggity collaboration in 2013 – stay tuned and check out her adorable Etsy vintage shop and this profile for now. AWB!


These women apparently take their own photos. If I do that, it’s basically a giant shot of the pores on my chin, dull skin, scary hair and various other calamities. They are all clearly geniuses.

5. Shrimp Salad Circus A visually stunning blog with fantastic blogger tips, unique and useful giveaways (such as blog redesigns and calligraphy stamps) and great insight.

6. Cool Mom Tech and/or Cool Mom Picks. Trust me.

7. Planting Dandelions Kyran is flat out intriguing. Born in Newfoundland, daughter of a poet, author of Planting Dandelions and a Good Housekeeping columnist in addition to being an Arkansas transplant (extra points), she is one of the most real and insightful bloggers I’ve ever read. Don’t even try, though – I’m already her biggest fan. AWB!

8. nwaFoodie My dear friend Lyndi writes an approachable, funny and endearing food blog ranging from culinary exploits to undiscovered northwest Arkansas restaurants and food finds. If you think foodies are uppity, she’ll win you over instantly. (If you visit and find my face plastered on her blog, it’s true coincidence! We are always randomly doing the same things, so obviously she would feature me on the day I featured her…) AWB!

9. the dramatic I was most fortunate to meet Sarabeth at the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference. When asked to describe a great blog, she used “dreamy,” and she nails it. I’m drawn in by her beautiful photography and posts on interesting topics such as her recent work in Kenya. AWB!


That’s Stephanie looking chill on a recent TV appearance. Like she does.

10. Evolved Mommy Fayetteville-based Stephanie is kind of a rock star, but she is also one of the kindest and most genuine individuals I’ve ever encountered. She’s sharply witty and somehow makes all sorts of disparate topics and relevant tech tips blend seamlessly. AWB!

11. Blessings & Raindrops. My new friend Jenny is the mom of the cutest twin boys I’ve ever seen and a soon-to-be-adopted daughter. I love cheering her on her journey and watching the evolution of her adorable Bayt Boutique. She exudes fun and sincerity in real life and on her blog. You’ll want to be her, I promise. AWB!

12. Chino House is the blog of Alison Chino, another Arkansan who has mesmerized me since I first stumbled on her blog prior to this year’s conference. She simply captures life beautifully, and I love the life she is living. Her post this week about her grandmother took my breath away, and I love living her exuberant life vicariously through her blog. AWB!


Shell at the Sydney Opera House. I want to be her, there, on that night.

13. Kitty and Buck – argh! I know, but I had to add one more. I found Shell via Shrimp Salad Circus not too long ago – she’s tragically across the world from me in Sydney, Australia (tragic because I need her in my neighborhood so I can demand a weekly coffee date). I told her recently on her blog that I had a moment’s pause before subscribing, thinking “do I really need to follow a blogger in Australia just because her blog is pretty?” Answer: yes. Yes I do. She’s adorable. You’re welcome.

I realize my bloggy crush list is a little Arkansas heavy right now, but it’s amazing how much more interesting a blog becomes when you know and connect with the writer personally. Tell me about your blog crushes!


Clearly, I flat-out swiped these photos from these gals’ respective sites. I’m hoping since most of them know me, in addition to the fact that I’m openly declaring my love, that they won’t sue me. *Fingers crossed.*

Merry Christmas!!

10 thoughts on “{TWELVE} Days of Christmas ~ Blog Crushes

    • So glad, Kim! Isn’t it great to find a fresh batch of sites that suit you? I’ve loved keeping up with you, too… and was thrilled to see the arch+craft giveaway recently and learn that you’ve collaborated with Kara over at Unusual Form! What a home run.

      Merry Christmas to you! :)

  1. Honored, honored, honored to be mentioned in this special special list! It is REALLY uncanny how we keep doing the same things, such as picking similar random items at random times for food styling using just $20 <– seriously, how unique is that?! You. complete. me. : D

    Lyndi at nwafoodie!

  2. you are TOO much. thank you. sincerely. funny thing, i want to be you :). thanks for including me among this amazing group. and i love finding fun, new blogs to read!!

  3. I am so honored to be included on this list! And the encouragement is so well-timed since accomplishments around the Chino House of late have been under-whelming, both on and off the blog. This is just the kind of affirmation I need to jump into a new year of life and blogging! Merci beaucoup!

    • Yay, Alison! So glad! Definitely, be affirmed. You do such a great job. I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2013!

      Et, bien sur – de rien! :)

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